I had a wonderful time working one on one with Iris!
From the start of the process I had a list of specific aspects that I wanted
in a summer program, but I was having trouble uncovering programs online.
Iris took the time to listen to my requests and found the perfect program
for me. She constantly kept me up to date with her research and was flexible
with my different requests. It was clear that Iris is passionate about what
she does and it determined to make her clients happy.
She positively guided me as I evaluated each program and helped me make sure
that it encompassed the specific qualities of my ideal summer adventure. I
highly recommend using Smart Journeys to find the perfect program for you. I
am so excited for my adventure in France this summer, thank you Iris!

Sydnee, Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC

My best summer yet! Thank you so much for recommending the program.  I loved living abroad and immersing myself in China’s culture and language.  I made lifelong friends and memories that I am never going to forget. Thank you for your help in finding the best program for me.

Jackie, Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA