Adrienne's Story: Service Learning in India

"I traveled to Udaipur, Rajasthan for three weeks living at the Me to We program compound, eating delicious food that represented all the different regions in India. We spent the afternoons learning about Indian culture, taking Hindi lessons, and exploring the city of Udaipur. During the day we went to a remote village and helped complete the expansion of their schoolhouse. It was incredible to explore the rural community, and meet the children attending school there. We got the chance to visit the first school that the Me to We organization built in India. It was inspiring to see how it’s grown in the ensuing years. I definitely knew that we were making a difference after seeing the kind of awesome campus a one-room schoolhouse could become!"

Emma's Story: Language Immersion in the U.S.A.

" So Emma, what are you doing this summer?"

"Oh you know, MMLA" (Middlebury Monterey Language Academy, a program of Middlebury College)

"MMLA AGAIN???  This is your third time! Why?!  Isn't it a pain to speak in a different language all the time?"

"That's usually the reaction I get when I tell people I'm going back to MMLA (for the third time, second language). Unless you're a fellow language lover, you probably wouldn't understand why I love MMLA so much.  The distinctive characteristics of the program are the 24/7 Language Pledge, the immersion into the culture(s) of the target language and the opportunity to live with students from around the world."

Elizabeth's Story: French Language and Culture in France

"I attended a Summer Program in France (on the French Riviera) because I was interested in improving my French, exploring another culture and meeting kids from around the world.  I had French classes three hours a day, five days a week.  The teachers were native speakers and always available if I wanted extra practice. Outside of class, I enjoyed the excursions to nearby cities and the freedom we had to explore "our" town with friends.  I made significant progress in French (which I expected) but I also gained confidence from my success with many new activities."

Programs for Every Interest

Enrichment programs exist for almost any discipline or interest you can imagine.  They vary in length, rigor and location.  We look forward to helping your student find an established program that will be exciting, fun and intellectually stimulating.

Jacob's Story: Humanities/History in Scotland

"I was attracted to the a program in Scotland because of the Humanities and Social Science focus as well as the unique location.  One of the most interesting facets of the program was meeting kids from many different countries. In fact, my roommate was from India.  I studied British History along with Philosophy and Ethics.  Although academics were a major component of the experience, I had plenty of time to explore the local historic town (and other areas) with students and faculty from around the world.  Living in a historic location, being intellectually challenged and experiencing a range of cultural activities was a winning combination for me!"

Georgi's Story: Stage Management

"The opportunity to further develop my stage management skills where I would be surrounded by equally passionate and committed students was the main reason I applied to a specialized Shakespeare program.   In addition, as one of (only) two stage managers, I had the extraordinary opportunity to strengthen my technical skills. Further, being accepted and attending a nationally recognized program set me apart as a serious student of my craft. I know that enhanced my college applications and gave me credibility when I entered Syracuse University.  I was more competitive for the first stage management college assignments. Summer at the Shakespeare Festival Program “set the stage” for my life in college and beyond!"